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Vertical Garden with LED Grow Light – 60 Pods System

(18 customer reviews)

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  • Efficient Vertical Garden with LED Grow Light
  • 60 pods for ample planting space
  • Fast growth and higher yields
  • Quiet water circulation system
  • Adjustable full spectrum lighting
  • Easy assembly and movement
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Vertical Garden with LED Grow Light – 60 Pods System

Transform your indoor gardening experience with our Vertical Garden with LED Grow Light – 60 Pods System. This innovative hydroponics growing system features a 32L water tank, promoting fast growth and higher yields. The full spectrum grow light, with adjustable height, ensures optimal light conditions for all growth stages. Smart features like the quiet water circulation system and smart socket make setup and maintenance a breeze. The system’s simple design and universal wheels allow for easy assembly and convenient movement. Ideal for plant germination and gardening supplies, this vertical garden kit brings efficiency and convenience to your indoor gardening.


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Weight 29 oz
Dimensions 105 mm
Brand Name





Nursery Pots

Is Smart Device


18 reviews for Vertical Garden with LED Grow Light – 60 Pods System

  1. Kaya A.

    Wall garden indoor – my hydroponic oasis in the heart of my home. It’s a total mood booster!

  2. Hanako Y.

    Greenery panels for a stunning living wall – adding a touch of hydroponic elegance to my space.

  3. Olivia K.

    Creating an indoor vertical garden is not only space-saving but adds a touch of natural beauty to my home.

  4. Ivan S.

    Creating an indoor vertical garden is not only space-saving but adds a touch of natural beauty to my home.

  5. Dawei L.

    Growing herbs in my vertical planter tower is a game-changer. Fresh flavors anytime I want – can’t beat it!

  6. Umaima B.

    My hydro garden tower is the envy of my friends. Vertical growing at its best!

  7. Sami E.

    Hydroponic grow tower – a vertical marvel for the modern gardener. Makes gardening a breeze!

  8. Sophia P.

    My stackable hydroponic system is a total game-changer. Efficient, space-saving, and my plants are flourishing!

  9. Chiara B.

    Maximizing space without compromising growth with my stackable hydroponic system. A real space-saver!

  10. Sami E.

    Vertical hydroponic systems are a must-have for turning any wall into a thriving herb garden. So convenient!

  11. Rafael M.

    Living wall panels turned my space into a green haven. Hydroponics makes it easy to keep it looking stunning.

  12. Enzo B.

    Vertical gardening systems are an eco-friendly way to cultivate plants indoors. Sustainable and stylish!

  13. Olivier C.

    Can’t get enough of my indoor vertical garden tower – it’s like having a living piece of art in my home!

  14. Matteo R.

    Vertical planter towers – the answer to stylish and space-efficient indoor gardening. My plants have never been happier!

  15. Nikolai D.

    Maximize your space with a wall garden – the beauty of hydroponic verticality. My favorite corner at home!

  16. Kai M.

    Living wall systems for a touch of green luxury – hydroponic elegance at its finest.

  17. Theo O.

    Grow tower garden – the perfect solution for small spaces and big dreams. Loving the vertical vibes!

  18. Umaima B.

    Hydroponic grow towers – the future of urban gardening, now at your fingertips. Loving the vertical approach!

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