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Summer Sale! Save 15% on everything with code 6H5N6T6H.
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Bring the farm home, no matter the zip code. Our soilless indoor gardening kits are transforming tiny city apartments into vibrant oases, one micro green at a time.
Indoor Gardening:

Grow fresh, delicious veggies right in your home with our indoor vegetable gardens, indoor veggie garden systems, and grow veggies indoors solutions for planting vegetables inside and nurturing greens year-round.

Seed Starter Kits:

For effortless indoor gardening, our seeding starter kits provide everything needed to germinate seeds and nurture robust seedlings, including nutrient-rich seed starting mix, grow trays, and domes to maintain ideal humidity levels.

Automatic Irrigation:

Ensure your indoor plants thrive even when you're away with our automatic plant irrigation and watering systems, offering worry-free and precise water delivery for consistent hydration while you're on vacation.

Gardening Accessories:

From durable pruners and rakes to comfortable gardening gloves and stylish plant misters, our extensive gardening accessories collection equips you with all the essential tools for maintaining lush, healthy indoor gardens.

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Fun Fact #1

NASA has been using hydroponic systems on the International Space Station to grow fresh produce for astronauts since 1995. This allows them to have a sustainable food source during long-duration space missions.

Fun Fact #2

The world’s largest indoor vertical farm is operated by AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey, spanning 70,000 square feet across 9 levels. It can produce up to 2 million pounds of greens per year using aeroponics, a type of hydroponic system.

hydroponic growing systems

Fun Fact #3

Hydroponic farming can be highly automated, with robots being used for tasks like seeding, transplanting, and harvesting. This reduces labor requirements compared to traditional farming.

Fun Fact #4

The nutrient solutions used in hydroponic systems can be customized to optimize growth for specific crops. For example, adjusting the ratio of nutrients can increase yields or improve flavor profiles.

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